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This particular ongoing conceptual work represents a metaphoric narrative related to the appearance of materialist perceptions in modern societies. In my belief, materialist ideas (in its philosophical definition) are now in a conquering tendency which process affects the universal demands connected to our contemporary social mentality.

The materialistic attitude of human is mostly visible throughout our personal interaction with our electronic devices. On the other hand we are highly influenced by the general mentality of consumer society which motivates our desires for possessing objects as some kind of an achievement.

We are standing in front of the opportunity of creating new and unknown platforms, even artificial realities and also fully developed Artificial Intelligence.

They do not only help us to manage our life easier but sometimes cause deformation in personal relationships and social interactions as it generally changes the individual role of a persona in this rushing new world.

The irreversible technological development brings light to the ideologies where our smartphones could be even more relevant in our lives than our personal relationships. In my honest opinion, it will mainly affect the upcoming generations.

This series aim to outline the consequences of these social procedures meanwhile it is also referring to contemporary philosophy, as this train of thought contains the ideas of new materialism (in continental philosophy) and reductive materialism (or scientific materialism / in analytic philosophy).

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