Millennium is a series which represents my vision of our rapidly developing and altering present from a different and unusual perspectives.

This project seeks to draw a parallel sometimes between opponent phenomenon and facts related to our modern society, future expectations and present dwelling.

In my belief, there is a tendency in case how our emerging technology, industry and problem-solving ability creates other complications related to our environment and society from time to time.

We are overcoming our limitations and become more than just humans. Side by side we also destroy our environment and support the growing disparity between social classes, the Eastern and Western culture. We also constantly increase the gap between generations as our perception always developing.

We build but at the same time and we deconstruct. It is a circulation.

Millennium, in its title, refers to a new era which started in consequence of the industrial and technological revolution from 2000 but it also has a biblical double-meaning.

The Bible defines this as a period of time in comfort and peace with thriving average age and well-being before judgement day.