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I captured a period which is the time of changes, not only for me but for my immediate environment.

I illustrate the process of pathfinding, alienation and personal development from my self-reflective and personal perspective as a photographer.

The project combines the expressive clear-out spaces with portraits and staged images to show these in-between feelings and emptiness as it is overall visualize the attributes of the „coming-of-age” era.

All of the portrayed models were precisely chosen from my close companionship as representatives.

Many of them may not know each other but the unseen bond between them is that they went all through some determining changes related to their feelings, identity, sexuality, family affairs, and drugs.

The title of the series is a well-known scientific term which could be also defined as a contradiction to describe a world of feelings.

The actual word explains the rate at which a physical quantity changes in response to changes in a given variable, especially distance.